Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Anime North 2009

Even though it has been a day since the closing ceremony, we find our selves hopelessly tired. We expect to be tired for days to come, as we try to catch up on sleep we most likely would not be able to retrieve.
Jolekyo was in attendance at Anime North 2009.

This time around, not as dealers but as part of the organizing committee. We specialized in guest relations. If life was an RPG, we would have leveled up like when defeating a mid boss. We would have unlocked new job classes to improve upon, while meeting possible members of your future party. In other words we had a difficult time but learned a lot. We also met people who we may become our good friends in the future.

We did have a difficult time, but by no means are we saying we did not enjoy our time. Please note I did not have much sleep for the last few nights, so ignore any comments that sound….. sleep deprived. Now it may take some effort to get back into our usual schedule of routines.
Next thing that comes to mind is the costumes. Cosplay is a serious deal here. It was so overwhelming that we felt left out, if not strange for not participating. It made us think who to cosplay should we participate. Although this information will not be made public, we got a pretty good idea, and had a good laugh. It was a pleasure to meet all the guests, staff members and fans here in Toronto. We will go back to Calgary and use the experiences we gained here to inspire our work.

BANKAI!!! ehhem…… excuse us.